About Us

About the Brand

Skim Rose is a Peruvian brand of cocktail dresses and pret-a-porter for women. Launched in 2017, it’s characterized by timeless, elegant, and minimalist pieces made from great quality fabrics such a satin and natural silk. Good tailoring and attention to details, coupled with sexy silhouettes and modern aesthetics, make each garment an exclusive Skim Rose piece.

About the Designer

Mariseli León is the founder and Creative Director of the brand. Graduated from Mod’Art in 2015, is a young creative that started the brand at the age of 22. She gets inspiration from different muses, places, and personal experiences.


All garments are ethically made in Lima-Perú, by a team that receives fair payments, and works in a friendly and safe environment. One of the goals of the company is to become a sustainable brand, something they work towards every year to improve their practices.

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